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Our mission is to increase transparency and liquidity of alternative assets
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Hi, We are Alt

Alt is on a mission to make investing in alternative assets as easy as investing in stocks. We are redefining alternative assets to include new asset classes that have historically been relegated to the territory of hobbyists and collectors, rather than investors. With Alt, we're turning sports cards – and eventually watches, sneakers, and art – into investable assets.

Our Values

Share the why
We believe sharing the why is imperative to finding alignment as a team and allows us to empower each other to do our best work. 
Level up
We as a company and as individuals never stop looking for ways to improve our skills and embrace a growth mindset.
We break down walls. No matter what obstacles we face we don’t stop until we reach our goals.
Be an owner
We take ownership of our work and approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset.
Bias for action
We do not allow the fear of failure to paralyze us from taking action.
Customer empathy
We focus on our customers and intentionally listen to them throughout our decision-making process to build an exceptional product and experience.
George Qian
“I feel very lucky to be an early full-stack engineer at Alt because of the project I’ve gotten to work on. Getting to build the whole custom onboarding flow was extremely fulfilling for me. Working with my team on the various UI screens and business logic for an Alt Exchange transaction has been massive for my technical growth as well.”
Isabel Keller
“I joined Alt because of the huge potential in what we're building, excitement to help grow an early stage company from the ground up and, perhaps most importantly, because of the the team here - from the moment I met them it was immediately clear to me that this is a group of super smart, scrappy and just all around nice, fun people. I'm grateful to play a part in shaping Alt's story.”
Darius Sadeghi
“I joined Alt for an opportunity to play a foundational role in a company being built from the ground up. My experiences just six months in have been way more than I could have ever imagined.”
Basak Anayurt Kobrin
“I decided to join the company because I could tell that it was an impressive team of engineers and every day on the job has shown this to be true -- not a single day has passed where I haven't learned a new skill, received some valuable feedback, or been inspired in some way by my teammates!”
Chris Jackson
“I truly believe in our mission to bring transparency and liquidity to alternative assets. Working in a fast-paced environment surrounded by some of the most intelligent individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing has been a rewarding experience. The culture here is incredible. The level of motivation and work ethic of others is contagious, constantly challenging you to be your best.”
Allie Held
“I love how Alt sits at the intersection of private markets and tech. I’ve been able to leverage my background in finance while developing an entirely new knowledge base. I’m surrounded by the smartest people I’ve ever worked with and am thankful for our highly supportive environment. I’m so excited to keep growing with Alt!”
Ghazi Abbas
“I’ve been blown away by the level of enthusiasm and support every person has shown here at Alt. It truly feels like we're always one (dream) team working towards a unified vision.”
Gabriel Kho
“As companies shift to remote-first/hybrid models, Alt was a good opportunity to work for a company that started in quarantine, so there’s a big opportunity to build that culture from the onset instead of transitioning.”
Evan LaBranche
“Every single person I interviewed with was a woman who had been given true agency to make decisions. I’m allowed to have opinions and am given meaningful feedback designed to elevate my career. I feel valued and seen. I know I’m making an impact, and the brilliant people and amazing culture will make a lasting one on me as well.”

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Attractive medical, vision, and dental plans
Unlimited PTO
Health and wellness stipend
Generous parental and family leave
Remote working options
Learning and development programs

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